Resilience at Work

Resilience at Work

Optimise employee performance and productivity through strengthened resilience.

With greater resilience, your workforce is better positioned to:

  • Adapt to frequent change and uncertainty
  • Stay productive despite increasing demand to deliver more with less
  • Manage customer expectations that may exceed delivery capabilities
  • Maintain physical and emotional wellbeing despite job pressures

Resilience at Work Workshops and Coaching

We use a unique and powerful approach to measuring, building, and tracking resilient workplaces.

This practical roadmap helps sustain performance and wellbeing in teams and across organisations. It helps you take stock of where you are, leverage collective strengths, manage shared pressures, and adapt to change while proactively looking to the horizon.

As accredited providers of the scientifically developed Resilience @ Work® (R@W) Toolkit, we offer comprehensive assessments of individual, team, and leadership resilience to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement with precision and ease.

We also use a team solution called PERSPECTIVE which is a team effectiveness tool, employee feedback survey, wellbeing pulse check and engagement tracker all in one. Contact us to book a PERSPECITVE demo.

Resilience @ Work Programme

Our Resilience @ Work programme involves workshops, both face to face and on-line, for individuals, leaders, and teams. The programme also incorporates one-on-one coaching and other wrap around supports.  

Resilience @ Work – Individual

The Resilience at Work® (R@W) Individual workshop and coaching measures personal workplace resilience. It explores the seven components that interrelate and contribute to overall resilience and wellbeing.

If you’re looking for one-to-one coaching, this programme is for you, you don’t need to attend the workshop.

Resilience @ Work Individual
Resilience @ Work Team

Resilience @ Work – Team

The Resilience at Work® (R@W) Team workshops provides your team with valuable insights on sustaining performance in times of high pressure, uncertainty, complexity, and change. We also use the PERSPECTIVE team platform which uncovers what is really going on for teams based on the R@W Team 7. It brings risks, opportunities, and dynamics to the surface for leaders and teams to see that may otherwise go unseen.

Resilience @ Work – Leader

You’ve got to Be Well, to Lead Well. The Resilience at Work®(R@W) Leader one-on-one coaching and optional workshop provides leaders with valuable insights on how they can help their teams sustain performance in times of high pressure, uncertainty, complexity, and change. This is based around the 7 R@W Team Components and is part of our overall Leadership Programme.

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