Partnership Programme

This programme is for businesses who want to be more impactful in their approach to supporting wellbeing in the workplace, who also want to make systemic and sustainable change.

Why Choose Our Programme?

The Workplace Wellness Partnership Programme provides ongoing monthly support to clients on an as needed basis across a range area of expertise and may, or may not, include the following:

Robin Wilson from Workplace Wellenss presents during a Wellbeing Programme meeting, pointing to a whiteboard, as two other women sit at a table facing her in a modern office.
  1. Customised Support – Access up to four hours monthly of expert wellbeing, resilience and business advice and support, extendable as needed.
  2. Strategic Wellbeing Initiatives – Implement your wellbeing strategies with our comprehensive support.
  3. Leadership Support – Enhance leadership skills in wellbeing and resilience, fostering a supportive workplace culture.
  4. Workplace Collaboration – Strengthen your workplace cohesion with our support for wellbeing committees and champions, ensuring a collective effort towards positive change.
  5. HR Excellence – Access our People & Culture expertise, focusing on wellbeing and resilience.
  6. Growth and Development – Support with personal and professional development plans and training opportunities for professional growth.
  7. Skill – Advance career pathways with targeted training and development advice, enhancing team capabilities.

Invest in your team’s wellbeing for a future where work and wellness coexist harmoniously. Discover the difference with our Workplace Wellness Partnership Programme.

Let’s build a resilient, thriving workplace together.

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