Finding Meaning And Purpose

Spirituality means different things to different people. We all come from diverse backgrounds, have different beliefs and life experiences. The quest is highly individual and we all have our own personal definition of spirituality. 

It includes our ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives and have a sense of meaning and purpose. The University of Minnesota describes Spirituality as seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself, which can result in positive emotions, such as peace, awe, contentment, gratitude, and acceptance.

The evidence tells us we will be more motivated, and able to cope with greater challenges when we believe what we do is important and adds value. This means we need to have our ‘why’ central and connected to daily activities. Having work that offers purpose and a sense of belonging, that aligns with our core values and beliefs, helps build our resilience.

Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher taught his followers 

Live a virtuous life doing what is worth doing.  

Values and Wellbeing

The research tells us that there is clearly connections between values and wellbeing.  

When our values get out of line or compromised, stress occurs. The year that’s been has tested many people, in numerous ways, including testing values. If you’ve been feeling stressed, it could in fact be a values clash.

So this holiday season, take time to reconnect with who and what is really important to you.

  • Refocus on your why.
  • Spend time in nature – it is a great way to retune, reacquaint and reset.
  • Allow yourself to simply ‘be’ for a time. We are after all, human BEings, not DOings. 
  • Find space for quiet inner reflection – i

A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. 

William Shedo


You can find useful tools and resources at to help you explore your values and gain useful insights at World Values Day. 

Or watch the webinar The Impact of Values on Resilience at Work with Organisational Psychologist Kathryn McEwen on Resilience.TV 

Robin Wilson Workplace Wellness Coach

Robin Wilson

Robin is a Resilience at Work Coach, Workplace Wellness Specialist and Holistic Health Coach who specialises in helping leaders, teams and individuals to flourish amidst uncertainty by cultivating resilience.

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