Employee Support Programme (ESP)

You may already have an Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) in your organisation.

The Workplace Wellness ESP works on a similar model whereas an employer, you can refer employees to the confidential service.

Our experienced team provides coaching and support services to help build individuals resilience and overcome challenges they may be experiencing.

The programme is flexible and responsive depending on the persons needs at the time, providing up to three, fully funded one-hour coaching sessions per person.

Employee Support Coaching is an opportunity to:

  • Anticipate and prepare for future challenges
  • Reflect on past challenges to learn for the future
  • Talk through what’s worrying you
  • Explore ideas and gain perspective
  • Get a handle on stress and overwhelm
  • Get a plan in place

What it is

  • A personalised process determined by your goals and needs. It is based on the belief ‘you are your own best expert’
  • A quality space where we draw upon your own knowledge, experience, and wisdom
  • It is future-focussed, positive, creative, and a supportive environment to facilitate self-awareness, new thinking, clarity, insight, and discovery
  • It may include resources to help you generate positive change, and propel you forward to realise your goals
  • Coaching involves a stretch, challenge, and accountability
  • It enhances the likelihood of achieving your goals or areas for change

What it is not

  • About providing solutions
  • Counselling or therapy
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