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Kia pai te mahi ora

To help you embed sustainable change and maintain momentum around wellbeing practices within your business, we provide bespoke coaching programmes to support individuals, teams and leaders.

Because every business is different, we tailor group programmes to align with the specific needs and goals of your organisation. Workshops are delivered by industry experts, with practical advice that emboldens the collective with knowledge and accountability.

And while we’re here to collaborate with you, we’re also advocates for empowering leaders and change champions within your business by providing them with the tools and knowledge to navigate and mitigate wellness challenges in the workplace themselves.

Workplace Wellness Director - Robin Wilson

Maintain a culture where people are inspired.

With strong internal resource, you can maintain a culture where your people are inspired to seek opportunities for progression and growth, contribute with purpose and perform at their best.

Take a look at our programme overviews below, and get in touch for a free Workplace Wellness Discovery Session to learn more about how we can help you create sustainable change in your workplace.

Resilience@Work Programme

Resilience@Work is a unique and powerful approach to measuring, building and tracking resilient workplace cultures. It includes workshops for individuals, leaders and teams and a one-on-one coaching programme using a scientifically designed toolkit, enabling sustained performance and wellbeing within your workplace.

12-month Navigator Programme

Designed for leaders, managers, committees and wellness champions, this programme trains, coaches and resources your crew with the right skills, knowledge and tools to successfully implement and maintain wellness strategies in your workplace.


Age and Work Programme

This programme supports organisations and their people adapt to the ageing of the workforce. It takes a strategic, whole-of-organisation, life stage approach to creating an engaged and inclusive age-friendly culture in your workplace.



Leadership Coaching

One-on-one bespoke coaching programmes to meet the needs of your people and your organisation. These sessions are tailored to suit the individual in a way that supports them best.  Empowering leaders to be their best. 


What others have said

The Food Basket Central Hawkes Bay are a non-profit Food Rescue and Free-store located in Waipukurau. They rescue surplus food and redistribute it to people within the Central Hawke’s Bay community, reducing food waste and poverty and building community. Their fantastic team of volunteers help redistribute food to all people and families without exception or discrimination. They also create mana – enhancing opportunities for people to volunteer and contribute to their community, building resilience, relationships and wellbeing.  
We believe they do amazing mahi in the community, and wanted to help out, so we provided them with a Resilience @ Work Teams workshop. 
You can find more about them over on Facebook. 
Here’s what Mel and the team had to say about the workshop:  

The Team Resilience at Work Toolkit has helped me to identify challenges we are dealing with, and plan ahead with our team of volunteers alongside me. Sharing the load will benefit everyone, including our community, we are more confident to steer our kaupapa into the future with confidence and intent. Robin's communication style was key in helping our diverse group of volunteer's really engage in the discussions we were having. She was empathetic and supportive of everyone's ideas and input, whilst providing clarity and guidance when we needed it. Examining our values as a volunteer team was particularly valuable. Robin led us through the concepts and terminology we needed to understand before we worked on strategies for our collective wellbeing. We really enjoyed the workshop with Robin today. I am appreciative of her skills as a navigator, she was respectful and enquiring which brought out viewpoints and ideas from the more reserved participants.

Robin was good to listen to, I learned a lot today which was refreshing.

Talking about how we are doing what we do is so different as a group, we got so much done.

I feel better, now that we've come together and talked about all being in this together.

It's nice to be heard. Thanks Robin.

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