International Womens Day

The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 on March 8 was aptly titled ‘Choose to Challenge’. A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let us all choose to challenge and create positive change in our workplaces.

There are so many ways you can challenge the status quo of gender stereotypes, unconscious bias, and inequality by being authentic in your intentions regarding diversity and inclusive practices in the workplace. 

Make this a work-wide challenge. 

If what you are doing now is not healthy and does not serve you well ‘Choose to Challenge’ and make this a challenge right across your workplace. Keep it moving to see what changes you can create in improving wellbeing in your workplace. 

The ‘year that’s been’ 

2020 certainly gave us choppy seas to navigate, bringing about its own set of challenges and soul searching. For some women this has lead to a deeper search for a sense of purpose and meaning in their work. Living an authentic life, and knowing and holding onto our personal values are paramount in building our resilience, at both an individual and leader level in the workplace. 

In which direction is your compass pointing? 

Think of your values like your compass or GPS. It is when these are challenged that the intensity of our emotions are heightened. So be curious, and use these experiences in a positive way to challenge what’s going on beneath the surface. Like an iceberg, we only see a tip above the water of what’s really going on. 

Challenging ourselves, the status quo and our beliefs are good for our wellbeing. This includes our ability to open our minds to ideas, experiences, skills, and knowledge in all areas of our lives. Don’t let self imposed, limiting beliefs hold you back or keep you stuck. Choose to challenge, while nurturing your gifts, skills, and talents to make a positive impact on the organisations we work in and the communities we live in.   

Hard things are put in our way not to stop us, but to call out our courage and our strength. 

— Unknown

We are always up for a challenge – get in touch if we can help.

Robin Wilson Workplace Wellness Coach

Robin Wilson

Robin is a Resilience at Work Coach, Workplace Wellness Specialist and Holistic Health Coach who specialises in helping leaders, teams and individuals to flourish amidst uncertainty by cultivating resilience.

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