The Blokes Book Hawke's Bay

Men’s Health Matters

We’re excited that our copies of The Blokes Book Hawke’s Bay have arrived in time for the New Year! Men’s health is important.  The hope is that this resource will help more people to find the right people and the right support, at the right time. Enabling men to be proactive in their health and wellbeing.  …

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Olers and younger workers looking at clipboard

Creating an Age Inclusive Workplace

There is no official retirement age in New Zealand (with some exceptions). People are free to keep working in any capacity as long as they wish or need to. That said, the term older workers generally mean people in their 50’s and beyond. The population of New Zealand is changing. Around 34% of the current …

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vaccine decisions

Needle phobia and vaccine hesitancy

I recently had the exciting opportunity to speak with a group of business owners, contractors and employees in the forestry industry about wellbeing.  This was part of their Health, Safety, and Wellbeing meeting, and the topic of vaccinations came up during Q&A time. The question of how to have conversations with those who are showing vaccine …

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People rowing a cutter at sea

Facing Challenges

Thinking about how we face challenges and times of uncertainty, recently reminded us of the challenge we had at Outward Bound. Trying to row our Cutter, ‘Sir Wolf’, from Double Cove to Anakiwa, with no wind for us to set sail and a sea that was like a mill pond.  It was hard, it was …

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A globe with women's faces

Choose to Challenge

The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 on March 8 was aptly titled ‘Choose to Challenge’. A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let us all choose to challenge and create positive change in our workplaces. There are so many ways you can challenge the status quo of gender …

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Finding meaning and purpose

Spirituality means different things to different people. We all come from diverse backgrounds, have different beliefs and life experiences. The quest is highly individual and we all have our own personal definition of spirituality.  It includes our ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives and have a sense of meaning and purpose. The …

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Christmas decorattions wiith words intellectual wellbeing

The benefit of intellectual wellness

Keeping our mind flexible, informed, and engaged is as important as our physical health. More than just a concept, intellectual wellness actually improves the physical structure of your brain. Neuroscientists have discovered we can develop new neural pathways and rewire our brain. These new neural pathways are created in the brain based on our behaviours …

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