Age and Work

Knowledge makes resources mobile. Knowledge workers, unlike manufacturing workers, own the means of production: they carry their knowledge in their heads and therefore can take it with them. At the same time, the knowledge needs of organisations are likely to change continually.

— Peter Drucker

Our Age and Work programme

This programme supports businesses, and their people adapt to the ageing workforce. It takes a strategic, whole-of-organisation, life-stage approach to creating an engaged and inclusive age-friendly culture in your workplace. Mature workers have a wealth of knowledge and can help develop your future leaders. Effectively utilising your team can bring significant savings in training costs.

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We focus on three key areas:


Workforce strategies

The development of mature age workforce strategies for large and small businesses


Individuals and Transitions

Running workshops for people as they discover and create their futures.


Age Friendly Business

Supporting businesses to adapt to a changing customer and client population.

Workshops and Training

Age and Work

Ageing Workforce Strategy Builder programme

Building Capability | Managing Risk |Realising Opportunities

This programme is for organisations who want to develop an understanding of their mature aged workforce, realise the opportunities of population ageing and design a strategy and action plan for their organisation.

A 25-hour programme comprising 3 x four-hour workshops, 2 webinars, workplace exercises and in house coaching over four months for a cluster of 8.

Short Courses for Employers, Managers and People Leaders

Engage – working with an ageing workforce

Mature aged employees are staying on at work from choice and through necessity. This is bringing challenges, risks, and opportunities for employers.

This half-day workshop will introduce you to the realities and provide you with a framework for engaging with the changing face of your workplace

Converse – having an effective life stage conversation

Employers want to be able to talk with their employees about their intentions but back off for a variety of reasons. Mature aged employees want a conversation if approached in a respectful way.

This practical “how to” half-day workshop provides you with the skills and knowledge required to talk positively with your staff.

Creating an Age Inclusive Workplace- your key to increased productivity

In the not-too-distant future, if not now, your workforce could include four generations with employees ranging in age from their late teens into their 70’s. Research has found that high levels of productivity are associated with diverse workforces. That includes age diversity.

In this half-day workshop, we will explore what it means to create an age-inclusive workplace and identify simple things every employer can do.

Life Stage Short Courses for Employees

Create – take charge of your future

Mature aged employees are staying on at work from choice and through Is it time for a mid-life and career review? People often reflect on what they wish they had known in their 30’s and 40’s. But somehow life was just full on – the ‘rush hour of life’. Yet we know that this stage in our lives is when the building blocks are put in place for the future. Why not a half-day mid-career check-up workshop?

Revitalise – re-energise your career

Reaching the age of 50 you may still have another 15 – 25 years of working life. This half-day workshop is for you if you want to take time out to reflect on where your career has come from and what the next stage might be. New options are opening up as we take up the benefits of increased longevity.

Explore – your future beyond work

The evidence is that fewer than twenty per cent of people have plans in place for a future beyond work. Many are confused and scared. So they procrastinate. This workshop is for you if you are over 50 and want to start thinking about the future.

A 2.5-hour facilitated group conversation with follow up meetings with a financial advisor and a life stage coach.

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