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Inspiring sustainable prosperity

Our ethos is grounded in sustainable prosperity – which is why you may have noticed our affinity for zebras. Zebras are distinctive not only for their stripes, but also for the way they band together to protect and preserve one another. Their individual input results in stronger collective, cooperative outcomes.

That’s a community ideology that we aim to inspire in the organisations we partner with. And in doing so, we’re bringing relevancy back to the word resiliency. This isn’t just about ticking a box or adding a fruit bowl to your kitchen. It’s about harnessing the true potential that exists within your business through strategically re-energising your workplace culture.

With a blend of evidence-based strategies and creative ideas, we help you navigate the often-overwhelming information, and implement a wellbeing strategy that is actually aligned with the collective ambitions of your business.

Where our story starts

It makes sense that the Workplace Wellness story itself started in an environment designed to connect humans with their values, their strength, and with each other. Robin and Leonie were inspired while on an Outward Bound Wellbeing Course together, strengthening a friendship through rich conversations about their own life journeys. Through the shared challenges and experiences on the course, a bond was formed, and a vision for joining their collective wellbeing wisdom was sparked.


Robin Wilson and Leonie Wallwork

Where we are today

What we also learnt from that Outward Bound journey, is that no one needs to voyage alone. So, while we consider ourselves navigators, you’re still steering the ship – just with a clearer idea of where you’re headed. Today, we work with progressive businesses who recognise the importance of consciously creating an environment where everyone is empowered to perform at their best.

Chief Navigators

Robin Wilson

Resilience at Work Coach & Workplace Wellness Specialist

Workplace Wellness Director - Robin Wilson

Working as a wellbeing coach, Robin noticed a theme occurring with her clients – most of their issues linked back to the workplace. Inspired to focus on treating the cause, not the symptom, she co-founded Workplace Wellness as a way to create positive change that benefits both employer and employee. 

Robin is the Working with Resilience Consortium Lead for New Zealand, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a professional member of Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand and ICF. Robin also holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage, is a Resilience at Work Practitioner, a Certified Health Coach, a Wellness Wise Practitioner, an Ingeneous Practitioner and a Quantum Coach. 

People we work with

Leonie Wallwork

Change Strategist & Age and Work Specialist

Workplace Wellness Director - Leonie Wallwork

Leonie is a strategist on a mission to change the narrative on wellbeing, enabling organisations to be sustainable, healthy and inclusive spaces where people can do their best work.


Leonie studied at Massey University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies in HR Management and has worked as a senior-level executive in private, Government and NGO sectors in both Australia and NZ. Leonie is a Resilience at Work Practitioner and a member of Diversity Works New Zealand. 

Sharon Leadbetter

Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Specialist
Sharon Leadbetter - Workplace Wellness Associate

Sharon has a passion and enthusiasm for making people’s time at work a positive, healthy, and safe experience. Sharon has held roles in the workplace mental health, public health and health promotion sectors in New Zealand, England, and Australia.  

Sharon has a MA in Psychology and Certificate in Health Promotion and specialises in preventative healthcare at an individual and organisational level. 

Clive Barrow

Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach
Clive Barrow

Through his work as a leadership consultant and executive coach for some of the world’s leading organisations, Clive has been an advocate of wellness in the workplace for many years.

Clive is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a Certified Practitioner – Myers Briggs/FIRO-B.


Chief Reality Checker
Bruce - Workplace Wellness

Bruce loves nothing better than a walk on the beach in his spare time! Pictured here on a recent break away from work getting in some R&R.  

Rich Bennetts

Leadership & Workplace Culture Consultant
Rich Bennetts

With a passion for people and workplace wellness, Rich has worked in leadership and management positions across a range of sectors for over 15 years.

A qualified butcher by trade, his qualifications include a Masters of Science majoring in Psychology, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology, a Certificate in Health and Wellbeing and a Certificate in Bookkeeping.

Ella Watson

Youth Ambassador
Ella Watson - Youth Ambassador

Ella lives in Hamilton and has a big passion for Health and Well-being. Her passion stems from her own personal Health and Well-being journey, as well as being the Well-being leader of her High School! 

Ella graduated in 2021 with the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Social and Community Services) (Level 4) and is currently broadening her knowledge of Health and Well-being, studying Nursing at Wintec. 

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