7 Tips To Celebrate The Work Year Thats Been

The end of year work party or event can become stressful and harrowing especially if you cannot decide how to celebrate this year and have not yet made any plans. 

Celebrating the ‘end of the work year’ is an important opportunity to help your people feel connected and valued. It is also an opportunity to thank everyone for a job well done especially in working through the COVID environment.

2020 has certainly been one out of the box. Some may want to see out the year differently than the historical work Christmas celebrations, here are some tips and conversation starters:

  • Ask your people how they want to end their working year – not everyone wants or expects a big party. Bear in mind your employer has had a tough year too and finances may not stretch to ‘nice to haves’
  • Not everyone comes up with ideas at meeting times, so have a place where people can put forward their ideas randomly. This could be as simple as post it notes, or a straw poll on their intranet or online platform.
  • People are tired – it has been a long surreal year – acknowledge this and perhaps do something low key or buy gifts that will really help them and their families e.g. supermarket gift cards, fruit boxes or movie passes.
  • Help your people wind down for the holiday season so they take the opportunity to rest, relax and restore. Perhaps a paid half day off to do Christmas Shopping or so they can take time out of the craziness. For those working through the Christmas break, what little extras can you provide so they feel valued and appreciated – it has been a big year for them too!
  • If you are throwing a ‘bit of a do’ think of ways you can be a responsible host including a selection of low/non-alcohol drinks, plenty of food that includes healthy options and model safe behaviours including making sure people have options for getting home safely. You don’t need to get written off to write off 2020!
  • Consider a breakfast or morning tea or maybe a fun activity that is inclusive of all abilities.
  • Celebrate families and friends and include them in end of year celebrations where appropriate.

Whatever you and your team decide, be safe, be well and most importantly have fun!

Live well, work well, stay well. 

Robin Wilson Resilence At Work Specialist Sm

Robin Wilson

Robin is a Resilience at Work Coach, Workplace Wellness Specialist and Holistic Health Coach who specialises in helping leaders, teams and individuals to flourish amidst uncertainty by cultivating resilience.

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