Optimise your workplace wellbeing to drive productivity and increase your bottom line

Resilient workforces, are productive ones.

We partner with you to optimise your workplace wellbeing by:

Increasing productivity and engagement across the business.

Helping attract and retain talent.

Implementing health safety and wellbeing processes that work.

Your people are stronger, together.

While there’s a clear link between wellbeing and workplace productivity, it’s only with a more strategic approach to your health, safety and wellness programme that you can connect action and investment to real, beneficial business outcomes.

As wellbeing, change and leadership experts, we help inspire diverse and inclusive workplaces and support leaders and wellbeing champions through workplace initiatives.

Above all, we help ensure that resiliency and wellbeing aren’t just buzzwords, but become an intrinsic part of your business DNA to not only support engagement – but also your bottom line.

Three people, two women and a man, smiling and discussing papers at a table in an office workplace setting.
Robin Wilson And Leonie Wallwork Workplace Wellness Directors

Leonie Wallwork & Robin Wilson, Workplace Wellness Directors

Strategic wellbeing solutions for peak performance

We help you see your business through the eyes of your people, to create an environment where everyone can perform at their best.

Through our team of wellbeing and change specialists, we bring equal parts strategy and innovation, partnering with you on initiatives that make meaningful change.

Your business is unique — 
your solution will be too

We step in where you need us most.  

While we have a framework that guides our approach, your strategy will be anchored around outcomes specific to your business. These solutions enable shifts to a more supportive culture and resilient workforce.

What Our Valued Clients Say — 

Highly recommend because of the quality of the services provided. Robin was exceptionally organised, while at the same time being flexible in accordance with the needs of our business and our staff. The materials provided were personalised and also of top quality.

Rob Brady
General Manager, Douglas Outdoor & Textile

Leonie and Robin from Workplace Wellness have provided sound advice and guidance as we developed our Wellbeing Framework. They were consultative and collaborative in their approach to the process and greatly assisted us in planning and implementing our framework. They have continued to provide on-going support and assistance to ensure that any issues are resolved in a stress-free way and that staff are able to benefit from what we have implemented.

Campbell Howlett
Deputy Rector, Lindisfarne College

It was great to see everyone being encouraged and included throughout all conversations. We were made to feel comfortable, and it was obvious we were in a safe place to share. The language was real, relevant and uplifting and it was great to have a small group participating so it was easy to take part.

Karen Hellyer
Operations & Marketing, HB Business Hub

Healthy workplaces are good for everyone

Businesses who protect worker health are the smartest performing businesses over time. By protecting and preserving individual wellbeing, you can enable collective, sustainable prosperity.

Healthy employees:

  • Are more productive at work
  • Have fewer sick days
  • Stay in jobs longer
  • Perform better at work, with greater focus on safety

Our coaching and workshops are developed in collaboration with you, focusing on areas where we know your people need the most support, or where initiatives could have their best impact.

Three people, two women and a man, smiling and discussing papers at a table in an office workplace setting.

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