Live well, Work well, Stay Well
Kia pai te mahi ora.

Resilient workforces, are productive ones

We partner with progressive businesses who want to be more impactful in their approach to supporting wellbeing in the workplace.

We help you co-design, implement and embed a collaborative culture of wellbeing that not only reflects what is most important to the individual needs of your people, but is aligned with the collective ambitions of your business.

Your people are stronger, together.

While there’s a clear link between wellbeing and workplace productivity, it’s only with a more strategic approach to your health, safety and wellness programme that you can connect action and investment to real, beneficial business outcomes.

As wellbeing, change and leadership experts, we help inspire diverse and inclusive workplaces and support leaders and wellbeing champions through workplace initiatives.

Above all, we help ensure that resiliency and wellbeing aren’t just buzzwords, but become an intrinsic part of your business DNA to not only support engagement – but also your bottom line.


A team

Finding ways to meet needs

Robin is a sensitive and healing coach - always looking for new ways to help. I am working with her and find gold in every consultation. Finding ways to meet our needs is Robin's benchmark.
- Robyn Hewetson

Strength to carry on

Thank you very much Robin for your support. ​My sessions truly gave me the strength & determination to soldier on and look at life differently. You have an ability to connect with people, look at what's best for them and advise accordingly. You rock.
- Irena Mikolic

Gained motivation and drive

Robin is absolutely amazing, not only was she very helpful with my health, she also gave me motivation and drive to help me hit my medical condition head on. Now I can move forward in the right mind frame.
​- Emma Goldsmith

We bring the how not just the what

We are educators, collaborators and navigators. Our role is to help you see your business through the eye of your people, understand the true dynamics of your culture, and determine the best way to create an environment where everyone can perform at their best. We bring equal parts strategy and  innovation, partnering with you on initiatives that make meaningful change.

Your business is unique; your solution will be too

We step in where you need us most. 

While we have a framework that guides our approach, your strategy will be anchored around outcomes specific to your business. These solutions enable shifts to a more supportive culture and resilient workforce.


Become a healthy and productive business, by design. With a strategic approach, you can continue to bring out the best in your business.

Worplace Wellness strategy in the workplace


Invest in the wellbeing of your workforce to strengthen employee resilience, boost performance and drive productivity.

Resilient team communitcating


A healthy workforce is a safe one. Reduce business risk, improve capability and build a culture that supports health and safety.

Two women sharing a conversation in the workplace

Healthy workplaces are good for everyone

Businesses who protect worker health are the smartest performing businesses over time. By protecting and preserving individual wellbeing, you can enable collective, sustainable prosperity.

Healthy employees:

  • Are more productive at work
  • Have fewer sick days
  • Stay in jobs longer
  • Perform better at work, with greater focus on safety

Our coaching and workshops are developed in collaboration with you, focusing on areas where we know your people need the most support, or where initiatives could have their best impact.

Men in workplace conversation

Some of the organisations we have worked with:

Logo Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand
Chatham Island Shipping Limited loge
Logo PAKnSAVE Tamatea
Logo Vercoe Insurance Brokers Ltd
Logo of The Doctors Napier
Logo Dentral Hastings Early Learning Centre

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Find out how a more strategic approach to your health, safety and wellness programme can connect actions and investment to beneficial outcomes for all.

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